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THE CARRY-IT-ALL TOTE Earn an A+ in Style

April 15, 2016
The Carry-It-All Tote

Looking to invest in a bag that transcends seasons and trends? A bag so versatile, you can truly take it anywhere? Well the search is over. We’ve found it! Say hi to the Wallaby. It’s a tote bag with endless potential. Take it from weekdays to weekend, from parties to nights out. It’s the tote that keeps up with your ever-changing wardrobe—and life!

Within seconds, the Wallaby can transform from chic cross-body to a cute clutch and back to a full tote. Intended for all of life’s little (and big) adventures, it’s truly the most versatile bag in the world"

One tote bag you can wear 5 ways? Yup. That’s what we call options.

Here’s Five Ways To Wear Our Tote Bag:

Wear the tote diagonally across your body for the best effect. It’s got all the room you need to stash your day-to-day essentials (aka your life) and it lets you hit the town hands-free! Our favorite place to show it off? Every M-F between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.—while we’re busy taking names and sealing deals!
The Carry-It-All Tote
Perfect for the girl who could use a little more organization in her life. It’s the all-in-one design! Keep essentials separate and safe in the pouch and toss everything else you need in the tote.
The Carry-It-All Tote
What’s your day look like? A trip to the pool? Meetings at the office? A run at the gym? For days when you need a little extra space, remove the matching pouch and use as a roomy carryall. Great for toting towels, tech tablets, planners and those chic office heels, this mode was meant for the lady on-the-go!
The Carry-It-All Tote
Heading to cocktail hour with colleagues? Playing tourist in a foreign city? Caught in another scenario (because there are so many!) where free hands are required? With the Wallaby pouch in crossbody mode, you can balance a martini or hold a camera—or both!
The Carry-It-All Tote
Heading out for the evening? Use your pouch as a compact clutch. It’s big enough for essentials only—your phone, favorite lipstick, credit cards—everything you really need for a successful night on the town.
The Carry-It-All Tote

Now the biggest problem of our day: how to narrow it down to just one color. Isn’t having too many options just lovely sometimes?

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