November 9, 2016

While Beautiful Blues may be our Color of the Month, our fascination with navy is more of a year-round thing. We love that it’s a universally flattering shade—everyone looks good in it. Navy is softer than black and just as versatile. It can be worn all year, from sweaters and pea coats to summer dresses and cotton tops. And it does a super formal party dress just as well as it does super casual cotton shorts. Here are some of our favorite ways to wear navy.


Our favorite complementary colors for navy are other neutrals—Caviar (black), Gardenia (white), and Foggy Grey (light grey). But you can add virtually any shade and it won’t look wrong. Did you know that neutrals are considered “neutral” because they’re taken from nature and don’t show up anywhere on the color wheel?

If you’re still having a hard time wrapping your head around the fact that navy goes with everything, just think about your dark denim for a sec—whatever looks good with your favorite jeans is going to look great with navy.


Navy is classic, casual and perfect for a chilly autumn day. It also looks chic with those neutrals we were talking about earlier—try pairing a navy and gardenia top with caviar pants. Yes, navy and black are no longer a fashion faux pas—in fact, they look great together. The asymmetrical foggy grey tote adds to the chic aesthetic, while the shiny silver accessories add just the right amount of sparkle. Last but not least, shearling boots create a cute and cozy look for fall.

Navy Day Outfit


For night, a shimmering LND (little navy dress) is a fun change of pace—especially for those upcoming holiday parties. But rather than go head-to-toe navy with your accessories, mix things up with a cute black bow clutch and sparkly shoes that have “party” written all over them. For evening looks, opt for more dramatic jewelry in the form of drop earrings and a darling ombré cuff bracelet. A fringed silvery grey scarf will pick up on the other colors and blend beautifully, adding the perfect finishing touch.

Pink Handbag

Navy is one of those colors that lends itself well to a ton of different looks. Whether your style is sleek, preppy, boho, casual, relaxed or athletic, navy just works. It suits everyone’s style.