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March 18, 2016

Sunglasses are the perfect finishing touch to any spring or summer look. With so many cute styles, it can be hard to choose—so we put together a quick guide to finding your perfect sunglasses.

Style: CAT- EYE Cat-eye sunglasses are stylish and so much fun. Mood: MISCHIEVOUS When you’re meeting the girls for brunch on a patio and the weather is beautiful. Perfect Pair: Tiffany Cateye Sunglasses
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Style: ICONIC There’s something old school about sunglasses with square lenses that we just love. Mood: FERRIS BUELLER ON HIS DAY OFF When your next-door neighbor with a pool asks you to housesit! Oh yeaaaaaaahhhhh. Perfect Pair: Hadley Classic Sunglasses
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Style: OVERSIZED Big sunglasses can have an old Hollywood vibe. Mood: INSTANT GLAM When your favorite song comes on radio and you start singing and roll down the windows to feel the wind in your hair. Perfect Pair: Olivia Oversized Sunglasses
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Style: MIRRORED AVIATORS They’ve been around for decades and there’s a reason for it—aviators are just cool. Mood: SPORTY When you’re headed to the ballpark for an afternoon game. Perfect Pair: Haven Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses
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Style: COLORFUL Pale colors are in for spring. And what better way to show off your softer side than with some baby pink shades? Mood: ROMANTIC When you’re off to your favorite spot for a picnic with your boo. Perfect Pair: Sascha Cateye Sunglasses
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