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  1. Start with a short strand (it should fall slightly below where a choker would)
  2. Add a mid-length charm piece
  3. Finish with a long stone pendant

Delicate Do's

  • Mix different shapes in the same metal family (for polished edge)
  • Choose a layering theme (i.e., Leaf, Owl, Brid’s Wings!)
  • Cool Contrast! A linear bar pendant pops when paired with a round stone and arrow charm

How to Layer Necklaces Video Tutorial

When it comes to accessorizing, we prefer to take a “more is more” approach! Don’t be afraid to layer on the charm by combining several necklaces all at once. Layering might look complicated, but it’s honestly as simple as 1-2-3 (and 4-5-6… you get the picture!) Following a few basic steps will keep your layers looking chic and never messy.

Start with the shortest strand. Look for a style that’s a little longer than a choker but that still frames your neck well. If it helps, think of mimicking the neckline of your favorite crewneck sweater.

Next, add some charm – a mid-length charm piece, that is. Play around with your favorite styles to see what length works best on your frame. You’ll typically want a style that hits mid-chest.

Complete the look with the longest piece. A druzy stone or crystal pendant makes a nice touch and strategically balances the overall look. Feel free to mix and match necklaces, stones and charms as you please! When in doubt, just make sure that the layers all feature the same metallic hues. Keep rose gold necklaces together, silver with silver, etc.

It’s also helpful to choose a theme when you’re mixing and matching charms and pendants. Try pairing flowers and leaves for a nature look, or shoot for the moon and stars. It’s also true that opposites attract, so look for contrasting pendants that blend well together.

From tassels and horns to bar pendants and colorful agate drops, our wide range of layering pieces help you pile on the style.